Building your Malware Analysis Home Lab for learning and fun

Over the years, threat actors are increasingly using more complex techniques to obscure how their malware operates. Keeping up with the changing trends might be difficult, however, you don’t need 15 years of experience in reverse engineering to help you win this battle. One great way to learn about malware is to build your own home lab and play with real samples within this environment. This can be a fun and educational project. If you do happen to be an InfoSec analyst, doing digital forensics or incident response, the knowledge you harvest through building and running a malware analysis Lab at work/home just might help you do your job more effectively.

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[FR] De 0 à l’OSCP en 3 mois [MAJ 2020]

Ces derniers mois passés m’ont transformé de plusieurs façons.. Je me souviendrai pour toujours des jours et des nuits passées à essayer de rooter les machines du laboratoire Offsec.

L’OSCP c’est aussi expérimenter un véritable roller coaster émotionnel: l’excitation, la frustration, la joie et la satisfaction se sont révélées très gratifiantes pour l’amélioration de mes compétences en Cybersécurité.

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My OSCP transformation – 2019 | Write-up [2020 Update]

The past few months have sculpted/transformed me in many ways. I will always remember the days and nights that I spent trying to root Offsec’s Lab machine. This was easily the hardest challenge encountered during my professional career. 

Experiencing a complete spectrum of emotions : Excitement, frustration, joy and satisfaction has proven to be really rewarding in enhancing my overall cybersecurity skills.

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